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UCAA Competes in Hoxworth's 'Bleed For A Cause'

Save Lives, Fund UC Scholarships

Throughout February 2013, the UC Alumni Association (UCAA) is participating in a Cincinnati-wide competition to donate blood to UC’s Hoxworth Blood Center. There are 64 organizations competing February 1-28, 2013, and the top three, based on total number of points, will receive cash rewards:

  • 1st Place - $10,000
  • 2nd Place - $5,000
  • 3rd Place - $2,500

Point System

The point system encourages members of the UC community to try different ways of giving blood — and it rewards groups who recruit first-time blood donors!

  • Whole Blood donation = 1 point                
  • Double Red donation = 2 points
  • Platelet donation = 3 points
  • New donor (to Hoxworth) = 2 point bonus for each new donor

We want to win the competition and turn those cash rewards into scholarships for UC students through the UC Alumni Association scholarship program. To do that, we need your help.


  • Giving blood saves lives — including maybe someone you love.
  • Helping to fund UCAA scholarships will allow more outstanding students to receive a UC education.


Any UC alumnus, student, or faculty/staff member may participate under the UCAA banner. However, you’re encouraged to recruit others to participate, even if their only connection to UC is through you. Just have them cite “UCAA” when they donate. The more “UCAA donors,” the greater chances of winning!


  1. Make sure you’re eligible to give blood at the present time.
  2. Go to any of Hoxworth’s 8 locations around the Greater Cincinnati area. Just make an online appointment to donate by clicking here.
  3. At the facility, complete the required donor card, and list “UCAA” as the group you represent (regardless of any other UC affiliation you may have).
  4. Follow the easy procedures to give blood. The whole process, including the donation and rest/recovery period, takes about one hour for a whole blood donation.
  5. Follow the competition online; standings will be posted here throughout February.

To learn more, see these Hoxworth FAQs.

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