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Proudly Cincinnati January 2013

@PrezOno begins #HottestCollegeinAmerica Tour

He's brought new energy to UC. He's closing in on 20,000 friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. And he may be coming soon to a city near you. UC President Santa Ono's #HottestCollegeinAmerica Tour will visit 8 cities nationally over the next several months. "Our alumni are the living proof of our university's greatest impact," Ono said. "I look forward to meeting hundreds of alums on the tour."

Learn more about the #HottestCollegeinAmerica Tour.

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DAAP Grad Brings Hobbit Figures to Life

The new Hobbit movie released in December brought a demand for toys, which was answered in part by Daniel Meyer--a 1971 DAAP graduate whose passion for creating toys and action figures has resulted in a 'storybook' career with some of the most recognizable toy manufacturers and movie franchises.

See Daniel's cool creations.

Nippert Stadium renovation plans announced

UC Director of Athletics Whit Babcock announced last month that historic Nippert Stadium would undergo renovations, adding private boxes and premium seating while making some infrastructure changes to enhance the overall fan experience. Most importantly, the plan will change the financial model within the Athletics Department, enabling the Bearcats to keep playing at a championship level in all sports and providing greater funding for operations, facilities and scholarships.

Learn more about the plans for Nippert Stadium.

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UC student named top engineering co-op

Biomedical engineering senior Benjamin Ko has been recognized as the 2012 National Co-op Student of the Year by the American Society for Engineering Education. The organization hailed Ko's intensive work with Cincinnati medical equipment manufacturer AtriCure, Inc., where he has done all three of his UC co-op rotations. "I've been in 30 to 40 open-heart surgeries," Ko said, linking his work to the life-saving operations that AtriCure's products help make possible. "It was absolutely amazing to see a beating heart."

Learn more about Ko's co-op experience and his future plans.

UC mourns the passing of former president Winkler

UC lost one of its great leaders in December when its 23rd president Henry R. Winkler died at the age of 96. "Dr. Winkler will be remembered for his leadership of UC during its first years as a state university, and for being the first UC graduate to serve as UC president," said President Santa Ono. "He holds a special place in our collective heart as a kind and gracious member of the UC family."

Read more about President Emeritus Henry Winkler.

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UC Engineers in Nanospace

As a recognized leader in nanotechnology--a field  where researchers work with materials, devices and other structures with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers (one hundred thousandth of the width of a human hair), UC's interdisciplinary team based in the College of Engineering and Applied Science continues to reach new heights. Recent nanotechnology work has focused on everything from safer and lighter medical implants to more effective water filtration devices, and researchers see even greater potential for future collaborations and discoveries.

Read UC's latest recap of nanotechnoly research.

College of Nursing introduces 'Flo-Bot'

The projected shortage of nurses has encouraged UC's College of Nursing to invest in telehealth technology to help teach students about delivering effective health care where flesh-and-blood professionals cannot be. The most obvious result is a robot named Flo-Bot (in honor of Florence Nightingale). Combining remote control robotics and remote presence technologies, Flo-Bot allows a remote clinician to see and interact with patients and staff while managing the delivery of health care, just as if they were physically present. Use of the robot in the college's simulation lab gives students more hands-on, real-world experience, according to Dean Greer Glazer.

Learn more about Flo-Bot and UC's advancement of telemedicine.

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