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Bob Fealy

Bob Fealy

Congratulations to Bob Fealy, Chair of the Chicago Campaign Committee, for being named Trustee of the Year.  At the ceremony on October 21st, Bob thanked Steve Wilson, Chairman, Board of Trustees, and President Gregory Williams, for this recognition.  Below is an excerpt from Bob’s acceptance speech.

“When I’m asked the question: ‘Where are you from?’  I tell people that ‘I’m from a small farm community called Wilmington, just up the road from Cincinnati.’

“However, when I’m asked the question: ‘Where did you grow up, Bob’, I answer: ‘well, I was born in Wilmington but I actually grew up at the University of Cincinnati.’ 

“And that, my friends, is why I am standing here before you tonight, for it is here that I found my way in my life -- one that turned out to be much different than the one I envisioned when I first stepped on this campus in 1969.  

“As I walked over to dinner last night from the Lindner College of Business to the Alumni Center I noticed the students hustling to or from class or to a gathering of friends or whatever, and it reminded me that they, too, are growing up here and finding their way in life.  They probably paid scant attention to Rose and me and the other ‘ancients’ all dressed up and headed up to another event.  They may not appreciate just yet that it takes literally thousands of alumni and friends -- like all of you in the room tonight -- lending their talents, time and financial backing to provide the resources necessary to prepare them for their life’s endeavors.  Someday they must be ready to take our place and it is our collective responsibility to teach them the lessons of giving back so successive generations can progress and move forward.  On behalf of our alumni group in Chicago and those all around the world, I can say confidently that our energy level is high, and we are using that energy to ensure that all our alumni will be part of UC for life and, while we may be separated from this wonderful place by time and distance, our hearts and spirits are forever present in this place where we grew up.”