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Chuck and Marilyn George

Chuck and Marilyn George

When Chuck and Marilyn George attended UC in the 1950’s, the tuition for seven weeks in the co-op college was $800; and tuition at the College of Music was $1,500 for the year.  This is a far cry from the costs of getting an education today and the reason they created the Charles and Marilyn George Music Scholarship Endowment Fund to CCM and the Charles and Marilyn George Architectural Scholarship Endowment fund to DAAP.  They are letting the Deans of both schools determine who would be the best recipients of the scholarships. 

Chuck and Marilyn are impressed with what has happened to both schools and feel that they are among the best schools for Architecture and Music in the country today. Needless to say that when they look back to their college days and the quality education they received, they have warm feelings that as UC graduates they were well equipped to enter the business and education "worlds" and prosper beyond their imaginations.

In creating the endowments, they were also able to take advantage of the Federal Inheritance Tax Laws.  They determined that their estate left to their three children would not be significantly different whether they donated the money to the University or kept it in their personal investments.  Their children think it is “neat” that they are able to help others less fortunate than them to go on to a higher education.  And, speaking of their children, their son, Bruce, is also a UC graduate who inherited Chuck’s architectural practice in Naperville and continues to support UC by hiring architectural co-ops.

Chuck and Marilyn avoid the snow and cold in Chicago now during retirement, but continue to relive their college days at their winter home by attending concerts, college events, and eating at college hangouts at the University of Arizona in Tucson.