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Denny and Patty Edwards Reigle

Denny and Patty Reigle

Denny Reigle, Captain of the Varsity Baseball team and Senior Class President, and Patty Edwards, Homecoming Queen, met at UC in July of 1966 when Denny stole her from one of his fraternity brothers after a dinner at Meier’s Wine Stuba.  Denny dressed up in a coat and tie and took her to the movies to see Dr. Zhivago.  But it took him another 10 years – and  the encouragement of Patty’s father, who met him at the front door with a shotgun – to propose marriage.

Denny and Patty

Denny, who completed two quarters of his freshman year as an engineering major, changed his area of interest to psychology after he realized that engineering consisted of statics and dynamics  - Denny classified himself as static, while the rest of the class was dynamic.   He chose to remain at UC because he was on the baseball team and liked his fellow students and fraternity brothers, and decided to earn a liberal arts degree in psychology and continue on to graduate school.   Looking back on how his student years prepared him for his professional life, he credits Sigma Sigma with teaching him how to organize and lead people.  And he credits three faculty members with making an impact on his life: the late Dean of Students, Kip Weichert, for providing career and life advice – and writing an “over the top” letter that convinced Harvard to accept Denny into its MBA program; Jean Teurek of Dean Weichert’s office for her career advice and common sense; and Glenn Sample, his baseball coach, whose positive attitude continues to influence the way Denny looks at the world.

In 2001, Denny retired as Managing Partner of Arthur Andersen after a 24-year career during which he was responsible for recruiting and university relations, and served as a trustee and secretary of the Arthur Andersen Foundation, which supported higher education.   He remains very active in retirement, presently serving as an independent consultant and career coach for part-time MBA students at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

Denny and Patty

Patty and Denny consider service to others as their priority now.  Patty, who graduated from the UC College of Education in 1968, is involved in Pet Partners animal assisted therapy and has worked with handicapped riders.  In addition to his commitment to Kellogg, Denny is working with the Chicagoans for Cincy! to develop the criteria and selection of recipients for the First Annual Awards Gala on December 19th.  Their dedication to higher education and service to others led Patty and Denny to make a generous gift to the Proudly Cincinnati Capital Campaign, which they are inclined to designate as unrestricted – funds for UC to use as its sees fit.