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Paul and Sherry Green

Paul and Sherry Green

When Paul was a toddler, his dad began the UC tradition by putting himself through night school, eventually earning a business degree in 1970, thus becoming the first in his family to earn a college degree.  After moving around the Midwest and ultimately graduating from Kettering-Alter High School in Dayton, Paul enrolled at UC, and after a very brief first quarter stint in the Chemical Engineering  Program, Paul found his calling at the UC College of Business.  During the summer before his sophomore year he met his future wife, Sherry, a student at Northern Kentucky University, in Tapps, a bar located next to DuBois Bookstore (Tapps is sadly now a Jimmy Johns).  Sherry and Paul began dating later that fall and in the fall of 1987, Sherry transferred to UC and the College of Arts & Sciences, ultimately earning a degree in Pre-Personnel and Industrial Relations.  

After Paul and Sherry graduated in 1990, he joined Arthur Andersen LLP while Sherry continued her education at the Salmon P. Chase College of Law in Northern Kentucky where she earned her J.D.  They were married after Sherry’s graduation and she began working for the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office until they had their first child.  She now devotes herself to their four children - ages 8, 10, 12 and 14 - who are all active in sports, and running the household.  Their family and faith are very important to them and, as Paul says, “life is busy at the Green household.”

Paul and Sherry continued their involvement with UC after graduation, hosting several dinners in their home for incoming Lindner Honors Plus students while living in Cincinnati.  Paul has also led Ernst & Young's recruiting efforts at UC, hiring well over 100 students over the years.  Now that they are living in the Chicago suburbs, Paul continues to work with UC business students by being actively involved in the recruiting of UC students for Ernst & Young and serving on the UC Business Advisory Council.  He is also an active member of the Chicagoans for Cincy! Executive Committee.

Paul is a Partner at Ernst and Young, and has now been there for 15 years.  Paul and Sherry relocated to Chicago in 2010 as Paul assumed the leadership role of Ernst & Young's Chicago Tax Practice and serves as the Tax Market Leader in their Chicago office.  Late last year Paul and Sherry made a generous gift to the Proudly Cincinnati Capital Campaign.  When asked for his reasons for the gift, Paul responded:  "Sherry and I were pleased to extend our support of the University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business through a new pledge to the Proudly Cincinnati Campaign. We are grateful for our education, and the success it has enabled for us in our careers and believe that giving back, especially to the University of Cincinnati and education, is core to our commitment to the community, our values and the right thing to do for those of us that have experienced success in life.  We are grateful that we have the ability to support the University of Cincinnati and especially to support the Carl H. Lindner Honors Plus program and all that it stands for. Carl's integrity, leadership, commitment to family and education should be an inspiration to us all."

Thanks, Paul and Sherry, for your generous gift to the capital campaign and for your continuing involvement with UC and the Chicagoans for Cincy!