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Morgen Schroeder, a Civil & Environmental Engineering major from Lakewood, Ohio, was attracted to UC not only because of its world-renowned co-op program, but because of its beautiful campus.  “I fell in love with the dynamic campus and the lively atmosphere.” recounts Schroeder.  “I thought that the co-op program sounded extremely promising, and after participating in a co-op, I fully realized what a great opportunity co-oping really is!”

Schroeder is a Cincinnatus scholar, and credits her scholarship for allowing her to have more opportunity at UC. 

“Having this scholarship gives me the opportunity to take classes that have international travel components,” explains Schroeder.  “For instance, I’m taking an honors seminar this quarter that culminates in a two week study tour in India.  If it weren’t for my scholarship, I would not have the financial flexibility to take part.”

Schroeder finds great importance in her UC academic scholarship.  “I think having a scholarship means being a dedicated representative of UC.  Having this scholarship gives me more opportunities to represent UC in areas outside of the academic classroom.”

The UC community has been an immersive experience for Schroeder, becoming active with student organizations such as the University Honors Association, Engineers Without Border, Engineering Ambassadors, Society of Women Engineers, and ROAR Tour guides.

Schroeder also traveled to South Beach, FL to cheer on the Bearcats football team as they made their BCS debut in the 2009 FedEx Orange Bowl. 

“It was amazing to see so many Bearcats come together to cheer on our football team!” says Schroeder.  “I couldn’t believe how many alums, students, and fans were there representing UC.”

Overall, Schroeder has valued her time at UC.  “I feel like the education I’m receiving from UC’s engineering program is top-tier.  The co-op program enforces what is learned in the classroom, and makes every UC student a great candidate for jobs or graduate school,” says Schroeder.  “I feel like UC has transformed me into a better person.”

As for plans after graduation, Schroeder says, “It’s a three way tie between graduate school, entering the work force, or joining the Peace Corps.  I know that whichever path I choose, UC will have prepared me extremely well!”