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TJ O'Hara

TJ O'Hara

Southern California Alum Strives for U.S. President

For most, a twenty-five-plus year career leading start-up companies and multi-national corporations would be considered a pretty good trek. But for UC Engineering and Law alum T.J. O’Hara, anything short of the White House won’t suffice for his next endeavor. A multi-faceted corporate career coupled with a passion for politics has O’Hara waging an unconventional campaign to claim “the ultimate civil service job.”

Disclaimer: This alumni spotlight is not an endorsement of T.J. O'Hara's political viewpoints nor his campaign. The opinions expressed here and in related links are Mr.O’Hara’s and not that of the University of Cincinnati Alumni Association.

UC alum T.J. O’Hara recently announced his candidacy for the President of the United States. O’Hara graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management in 1975 and received his Juris Doctor in 1978 from the College of Law. O’Hara is a former CEO and turnaround expert who has spent the last several years studying and writing about politics.

O’Hara credits UC’s co-op program for helping him get his start. “The co-op program introduces students to the real world,” O’Hara said. “It is an extremely important differentiator for UC and provided me with an invaluable exposure to the corporate environment even before graduation.”

As an undergraduate, he learned the importance of finding alternative solutions for problems – which became an important skill set for his multi-faceted corporate career. In one class, he recalls receiving his graded mid-term  and disagreeing with the professor’s answers. O’Hara went to the professor during office hours to argue his case. In surprise of O’Hara’s strong defense (evidence and all), the professor said, “I just thought you were going to complain, but you brought proof of your position. I won’t change your grade, but if you get a perfect grade on the final exam, you will get an A in the course.”

His passion for finding alternative answers continued throughout his Law school career. As a student, he had Professor Wilbur Lester for Constitutional and Administrative Law courses. Students claim Professor Lester was a challenging professor as he would try to catch students on a nuance. That didn’t stop O’Hara. While taking Lester’s course, O’Hara and Lester would go back and forth arguing their respective positions.  One of O’Hara’s most memorable moments at UC occurred during his third year when he saw Professor Lester in the hallway. Professor Lester said, “You were one of my favorite students. I know I’m tough, but if you were in a capital murder court case, you can’t fold. And you never folded.”

Lester’s words reinforced a desire in O’Hara to stand his ground and fight for others. And that’s exactly what O’Hara plans to do for the citizens of the United States if elected President.

O’Hara’s interest in the Presidency grew at the start of the recession.  He  predicted the economic collapse months in advance and became interested in identifying its root cause.  His analysis traced the origin of the problem to what he calls “the Party paradigm” of the U.S. – one of the major issues he wants to change with his campaign.  

O’Hara promises to wage an unconventional campaign. In his announcement, he stated, “Party candidates talk about ‘opponents’ and ‘winning the Presidency’ as if it were a game. Well, it’s not a game to me. If the Parties continue to treat it as one, they’d better brace themselves because the rules are about to change.”

O’Hara claims a vast array of solutions to solve our Nation’s problems and improve the political landscape in DC. In addition to a paradigm shift, he wants to eliminate the influence of money and has decided to limit contributions to his campaign to $100 per person. More importantly, O’Hara says he will serve “the People” as is required by the Constitution.

“The Presidency is the ultimate civil service job,” O’Hara said. “The President has to represent the best interests of all of our citizens rather than just the interests of those who conform to the beliefs of a particular political Party.”

O'Hara will soon have a recurring op-ed column in The Washington Times Communities Politics section entitled, A President for the People

Learn more about O’Hara’s political platform on his campaign website, YouTube channel, Google+ page or Facebook page.