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Jim Christy

Jim Christy

College of Business alum Jim Christy’s recent decision to fund an endowed scholarship was inspired by his daughter and current Lindner Honors-PLUS student Catherine.

Lindner College of Business has Generational Impact on Bearcat Family

Sometimes, philanthropy is inspired by an appreciation for one’s own educational experience, and other times by the education they see transforming someone else's life. For 1969 Carl H. Lindner College of Business grad and Washington DC alumni network member, Jim Christy, it’s a little of both.

It wasn’t until Lindner College of Business grad Jim Christy saw his own daughter become a Bearcat that he was reminded of just how much UC had changed his life for the better. More than forty years later, witnessing her accomplishments inspired him to make a gift that will keep on giving to business students for years and years to come.

Jim’s daughter Catherine is a sophomore in UC’s nationally-acclaimed Lindner Honors-PLUS Scholars program, and seeing her experience so far – combined with an appreciation for his own accomplishments in the business world – were the main factors in his decision to give $250,000 to endow an Honors-PLUS scholarship for future UC students.

 “As I get closer to the end of my career, I realize that the success and stability I’ve enjoyed is due in part to the education I received at UC, and that means a lot to me,” Jim said. “I also have a heightened appreciation for what the College of Business means to the Cincinnati region in terms of attracting the best students, who in many cases put down roots in the city and work there after graduation.”

Even though Jim and his family now live in Virginia and are active in the Washington DC alumni network, his experience at UC and the reputation of the Lindner Honors-PLUS program were key factors in his daughter’s decision to return to Cincinnati. And though Catherine still has a few years left before graduating with her degree, her experience in the Honors-PLUS program has been exceptional so far.

“Many of the skills she’s learning on the management side and the experience she’ll gain during her final years of the program will put her in the best position possible to be successful, no matter what direction her career takes,” Jim said. “It’s been a wonderful experience so far for her and it reinforced the necessity of investing in the program so even more students can take advantage of it in the future.”

While the scholarship will be called the James T. Christy Honors-PLUS scholarship, Christy hopes to change it to honor his daughter after she finishes the program. “I hope it serves as both a reminder of her accomplishments in the program and something she too will financially support over time. We have taught all of our children that philanthropy is a great way to show appreciation while opening a door for someone else, so I hope she will follow our lead and continue donating to the fund.”