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Greg Roberson

Gregory Q. Roberson, A&S ’08, Business Economics

Gregory Roberson, A&S '08, explains why he chose UC and where his education has led him;

“Even though it seems like forever ago, I still remember why I chose UC.  I wanted a place where I would meet lots of people from lots of different places, and a school that was big enough to allow to get involved in lots of activities (especially Division I Track and Field).  One of the reasons why I chose UC is I wanted a school whose name on my diploma would open a lot of doors.  I knew I wanted to go into business or finance.  I did some research and found out that Cincinnati has a significant concentration of global companies—one of the largest Fortune 500 per capita markets in the country. I figured most of these companies would more than likely hire UC grads since it was the biggest and best in the area.

There are few decisions in life that I am as glad to have made as choosing to go to UC. UC made me.  Almost everything I do is motivated, in part, by some experience I had while at UC. The result wasn’t merely a diploma, it’s who I am today.

While I was at UC I was exposed to people with various backgrounds and I really enjoyed interacting with people from different cultures.  I wanted to study international law and business, so I chose a city (Washington, D.C.) and a school (Georgetown) that would enable me to do all of the above. Much of what I see on the news happens a few blocks from my apartment.  I can look out my window and see Capitol Hill and the Washington Monument.  I can see the Supreme Court from many of my classrooms, it’s that close!  In many ways Washington, D.C. is the epicenter of the world.”

Once a month I’ll run into someone from UC.  There are actually quite a decent amount of people living and working in DC that went to UC, some of whom I was friends with in undergrad. Occasionally when I’m wearing my UC gear around town, I’ll get a few friendly shout outs from UC fans!”

Gregory is finishing up his final year at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. pursuing his law degree.