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UC Alum Kicks Off New Startup in San Francisco


University of Cincinnati DAAP alum, Colin Hoell, is making a name for himself in San Francisco with his new startup company, Kinda Fancy. Kinda Fancy is an athletic surf wear company. Colin has UC to thank for having the confidence and experience to chase a startup dream.

“A couple other students and I had been tossing around this idea for an online ride-sharing startup. We named it Rootless, and wanted to pursue that instead of a co-op,” said Colin. “But we made our case to the administration, and after some heavy convincing we were allowed to take three months off and pursue our tech startup.”

Throughout his time at UC, Colin took advantage of the opportunities and flexibility provided to him.

“UC made the experience a little bit my own. DAAP let me do my own thing on more than one occasion, but provided guidance when I needed it most,” said Colin.

Colin’s favorite memory from UC is the first day of spring relaxing in Sigma Sigma. He reflected about the conversations he would have with fellow students as well as his professors.

The idea for Kinda Fancy came from Colin’s sister and they work together to create the branding and designs for the athletic surf wear. Currently, Kinda Fancy is working with Kickstarter to launch their brand. Through Kickstarter, customers can pre-order products until the online store is up and running in May.

“The night of the Kickstarter launch party, I saw our brand take off a little bit for the first time, and what kind of dedication it would take to keep it alive,” said Colin.