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Battalion Leadership

Battalion Commander

CDT Schott

Battalion Commander

Jamme Schott

Battalion Commander: Directly responsible to the Professor of Military Science for the command, control, health, welfare, morale, discipline, safety, and retention of all enrolled MS-I, II, III, IV, and completion cadets. Provides command guidance and supervises all training, planning, and execution of battalion operations.

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Major: Communications and Criminal Justice
Graduation: Spring 2014
SMP unit: 2/107th CAV
                                                     Military training: BCT, AIT, Air Assault, and CTLT

Battalion XO

CDT Nguyen

Executive Officer

Khoa Nguyen

Battalion XO: Serves as the Chief of Staff; supervises and coordinates the efforts of the battalion staff in planning, coordination and execution of Battalion events

Hometown: West Chester, OH
Major: Operations Management
Graduation: Spring 2014
SMP unit: HHC/8-229th AV
Military training: BCT and 12B AIT


Command Sergeant Major

CDT Robinson

Command Sergeant Major

Sean Robinson

Command Sergeant Major: Uphold the standards put out for the battalion. Act as the right hand man for the battalion commander. Assist with training when needed.

Hometown: Erlanger, KY
Major: Environmental Geography
Graduation: Summer 2014
SMP unit: 449 Engineer Company, Ft. Thomas, KY
Military training: BCT, AIT, and CULP



CDT Heeter

S-1 Personnel

Seth Heeter

S-1: Administration

Hometown: Brookville, Ohio
Major: Health Science (Pre-Physical Therapy)
Graduation: Spring 2014
SMP unit: 478th EN BN 449th EN Co 3rd PLT
Military training: BCT; OSUT MOS 12B; Air Assault; AMEDD-IP; GAFPB



CDT Daugherty

S-2 Intelligence

Ethan Daugherty

S-2: Intelligence

Hometown: Loveland, Ohio
Major: Information Systems
Graduation: Fall 2014
SMP unit: HHB 1-174 ADA
Military training: BCT and AIT



CDT Saint-Blancard

S-3 Training and Operations

Jacob Saint-Blancard

S-3: Operations

Hometown: Florence, KY
Major: Spanish
Graduation: Spring 2014
SMP unit: B Troop 2-107th Cav
Military training: BCT, AIT (74D), Airborne School, Korea CTLT



CDT Moser

S-4 Logistics

Mitch Moser

S-4: Responsible for all logistical operations in the areas of supply, services, transportation, and resource management in support of battalion operations and training events.

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Major: Finance
Graduation: Spring 2014 



CDT Lenhart

S-5 Recruiting

Catie Lenhart

S-5: Responsible for coordinating the battalion's overall campus recruiting program.

Hometown: Dresden, Ohio
Major: Psychology
Graduation: Fall 2014 



CDT Valentine

S-6 Communications

Justin Valentine

S-6: Communications

Hometown: Brookville, Ohio
Major: Criminal Justice
Graduation: Spring 2014
SMP unit: 478th EN BN 450th EN Co
Military training: BCT and AIT


CDT Bourquin

S-7 Public Affairs

Jonathan Bourquin

S-7: Serves as the battalion historian and responsible for enhancing the relationship between military forces and civilian authorities to include campus staff and faculty, public information internal information, community relations, written publications, photographs and related duties as required

Hometown: Dayton, OH
Major: Psychology
Graduation: Spring 2014


CDT Killin

S-8 Finance

Kelsea Killin

S-8: Keep track of battalion budget and oversee expenses throughout the battalion.

Hometown: Springfield, OH
Major: Health Sciences
Graduation: Spring 2014