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German Arms


The German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency is a decoration of the Bundeswehr, the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany, and is awarded to and worn by German soldiers of all ranks. In the United States military, the German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency is one of the few foreign awards approved for wear on the uniform, and is one of the most sought-after.  7th ROTC Brigade, in concert with the German Liaison staff out of Fort Benning, sponsors a weekend-long competition every February, hosted by Indiana University, to afford Cadets the opportunity to earn this prestigious decoration, one of the very few awards a Cadet can earn that they are then authorized to wear on their uniform throughout their career. 

The competition itself is a rigorous test of physical ability and military skills.  Competitors must pass ALL of the following events: a timed 200 meter swim, a timed 5K run, a written test on basic battlefield first aid skills, a pistol marksmanship shoot, a 4.5 meter long jump, a 16 pound shotput of at least 8 meters, a timed 100m sprint, and a timed road march with a 15 kilogram pack.  University of Cincinnati Cadets work hard training for these events and have traditionally performed well at the competition. In the last three years, over 80% of UC cadets competing brought home either a gold, silver, or bronze badge.