Celebrating Our Bicentennial
1819 – 2019

Message from President Neville G. Pinto


“The University of Cincinnati story is unfolding one Boldly Bearcat moment at a time. Our Bicentennial celebration honors the past, elevates the present and bends the future. It propels us onward to our next exciting quest in an epic of unlimited possibilities.”


UC Bicentennial Co-Chairs


Lela, CECH ’91 & Phil Collins, Bus ’89

Kim, CECH ’78 & Bob Dobbs, Bus ’76


UC Bicentennial Committees 


Celebrations Committee

Identify and manage small and large group events and activities that, individually and collectively, recognize the 200th anniversary of the university.

Chairs: Judy, A&S ’80 & Chris Dalambakis, A&S ’83


Community Connections

Engage the broader Cincinnati community in the celebration of the university’s Bicentennial through a select group of activities developed and implemented in partnership with community organizations.

Chairs: Gigi Escoe, A&S ’83 and Karen Bankston PhD, Nurs ‘05


Legacy Committee

Commemorate the bicentennial for generations to come via the creation of one or more permanent historical displays around campus.

Chairs: Richard Harknett and Tracy Herrmann, CECH ‘89


Marketing Committee

Lead the development and execution of a comprehensive suite of marketing elements designed to strategically and cohesively identify and mark bicentennial communications products

Chairs: Rhonda Mitchell, CEAS ’95 and Kirk Perry, Bus ’90


Spirit of History Committee

Develop books and other collateral materials that celebrate the history of the university and, in the process, engage all colleges and many constituent groups.

Chairs: Buck Niehoff, Law ’72 and Greg Hand, A&S ‘74


Sponsorships Committee

Supplement university support of the bicentennial by soliciting corporate sponsorships for events and other activities associated with the anniversary celebration.

Chair: Alvin Roehr, Bus ’80


UC Bicentennial Staff


Nico Karagosian, MBA

Vice President & Executive Director

Office: 513-556-6147



Kelly Grant

Executive Assistant

Office: 513-556-6294



Kristi Lee, J.D.

Director of Project Management

Office: 513-556-0753 


Danute Miskinis       

Director of Programs and Community Outreach

Office: 513-556-2025 



Kelly Weissmann     

Deputy Director

Office: 513-556-6256