Catalyst Information

Term Billing Dates
     Special Fee
Summer 2017 (2175) 04/01/2017 03/01/2017
Fall 2017 (2178) 07/15/2017 06/01/2017
Spring 2018 (2181) 12/01/2017 11/01/2017
Summer 2018 (2185) 04/01/2018 03/01/2018

College and Unit 2-Digit Numbers

To help colleges and units better query financial information associated with their college/unit, a 2-digit number was incorporated into the 12-digit Item Type number. The 5th & 6th place holds the college/unit number. Where possible the 2-digit number is the college number already associated with the college. Other units were assigned 2-digit numbers by the Bursar's Office to facilitate the same functionality. This 2-digit number should be used in CaRT when reporting on Catalyst financial information.


101015100001 Instructional Fee A&S UGRD


Department Aid Award Processing

Departments that award scholarships to students need to understand the options available to them to best ensure their awards are disbursed according to the donors wishes and college policy.

Aid Disbursement Rules are verification edits that Financial Aid can add to Aid Item Types. These edits are checked only at time of disbursement.

Estimated Funds are Item Types used by Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) to reserve space for known aid that departments will be posting at some point in the award year. Amounts associated with this Item Type on the student’s award page will be reduced by the addition of the award referenced in the “Item Type” column. This is done to help prevent over awards to students prior to the department officially adding the award to the student's record.

* FA Item Type Review (04/25/2017)
Financial Aid Item Types as of 04/25/2017

Stipend Installment Disbursement Schedule

The schedules below show the dates the aid/stipend installment will post to the student's account. Any resulting credit balance will be refunded to the student according to the published refund schedule.