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Loan Eligibility Checklist

>Check your Federal loan eligibility status<

Students must satisfy all of the following requirements before any Federal Title IV Loan (Stafford, Parent PLUS, Grad Plus, etc.) can be posted to their account:

          Master Promissory Note Loan Counseling
          Financial Aid Eligible Sufficient Credit Hours
          Satisfactory Academic Progress                
Class Begin Date
          Satisfactory Academic Status Enrolled in Eligible Matriculated Program

Master Promissory Note

All loans involve a promissory note. Federal loans use a Master Promissory Note (MPN) process that must be signed by the borrower before funds will be disbursed. To sign your Master Promissory Note visit For more information visit Student Financial Aid's Loan Processing website. If you have an alternative or private loan you will need sign the promissory note according to the lenders procedure so please contact your lender directly.

Financial Aid Eligible

Most students are eligible for some form of financial aid. If you are flagged as not eligible please contact the One Stop Student Service Center to resolve this issue.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

To receive Federal financial aid students must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP). For more information on maintaining satisfactory academic progress please visit Student Financial Aid's SAP website.

Satisfactory Academic Status

To be eligible for Federal Title IV financial aid (grants and loans) students must be in good academic standing with their academic program or college. If you are flagged as not meeting satisfactory academic status please contact your academic program or college office.

Loan Counseling

Students who accept Federal Title IV loans (i.e., Stafford, Parent PLUS, Grad PLUS, etc.) must complete Loan Entrance Counseling (LEC) before UC can disburse/post any loan to their account. For more information, or to complete your loan counseling, visit Student Financial Aid's Loan Counseling website.

Sufficient Credit Hours

To receive Federal Title IV Loans a student must be enrolled at least 1/2 time for the term. 1/2 for undergraduate students is 6 hours and graduate student is 5 hours.

Class Begin Date

Federal Regulations prohibit disbursing of Federal Title IV Loans any earlier than 10 days before the term starts. If you are enrolled in only in flex classes we are required to wait until 10 days before the first class meets.

Enrolled in Eligible Matriculated Program

To receive Federal Title IV financial aid students must be enrolled in a matriculated program or an authorized non-matriculated program.