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Parent Credentials and Access

Before students can grant a parent, friend or other third parties access to their academic and financial records at the University of Cincinnati, the other party must have UC credentials which include:

  • UCID - a 9 character alpha-numeric id beginning with "M"
  • USERNAME - a combination of the last name, first name and middle initial. Usually it is the first 6 characters of the lastname, the first character of their middle name. If the combination has already been used then the system will assign a user name that is available.
  • PASSWORD - The default password is Uc!mmddyyyy where mmddyyyy is the user's date of birth. Users will be required to set up a new password when they first login.

Individuals who are currently NOT affiliated with UC or are affiliated as a Staff, Student Worker, Affiliate or Emeritus need to use the "Create Identity" tool, just be sure to use your full legal name.

Individuals who are currently affiliated with UC as a Student, Faculty, Volunteer Faculty or Guest do not have to create a new identity or even update their existing identity as a Guest. If you need help retrieving or resetting your password you can contact the UCIT Help Desk at (513) 556-4357 or (513) 556-HELP. If you need to retrieve your UCID or USERNAME you can use the lookup tools below:

  • UCID Lookup (
  • Username Lookup (


Individuals needing University credentials can use the "Create Identity" tool. Fields noted with an asterisk "*" are required fields. Be sure to use your full legal name especially if you already have UC identity and are using the tool to retrieve them.

You will then receive an e-mail notifying you of your credentials.

Please note that if you choose to not disclose your Social Security Number (SSN) creating your identity will take longer, especially in cases where you have a common name like Smith, Johnson, Jones, etc. SSN is also required if you plan to sign up for direct deposit of your Federal Parent PLUS Loan refund.

Once the parent or third-party has their assigned credentials they will need to let their student know their UCID (the alpha-numeric code beginning with "M"). The student can then assign access to that UCID using the "Parent/Friend Privileges" tool. Once the student has granted access the parent or third-party will receive an e-mail notifying them of the access granted.  The parent or third-party can then access the students records using the "Parent Portal".

Parents with Federal Parent PLUS loan refunds who sign up for direct deposit will use these same credentials. No longer will they have to use a separate usename and password and they no longer have to disclose their social security number. Select the direct deposit option in the Parent Portal and follow the instructions to sign up for direct deposit.

Change Address, Phone Number or E-mail Address

Parents or any third-party with UC credentials can change their address, phone number or e-mail by using the Address Verification Utility. Employees and students will not be able to change their e-mail address since official communications are only sent to assigned UC e-mail addresses.