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The mission of Campus Recreation is to create the best experience for every individual we serve.

The vision of the Campus Recreation Center is to see a campus community passionate about pursuing an active, healthy lifestyle.



History of Recreation at the University of Cincinnati
Recreational Athletics has held a place in UC’s history since the 1890’s. The first interclass basketball championship was held in 1897 and the first field day occurred with great success in the same year.[1]  “There were at least three thousand people in the audience. There were running, and jumping contests, tennis, (singles and doubles), throwing the baseball, a potatoes race, and a “tug of war”.[2]  In 1909, the first organized bowling league was formed and continued for several years.[3]  In 1912, Schmidlapp Hall opened giving the University a gymnasium for student use.  By 1936, intramural sports at UC had grown to 20 teams; by 1982, interest in recreational intramural sports had grown to 82 teams.

Armory Field House opened in 1954, followed by Laurence Hall in 1961. The Field House was converted into a recreation facility for the general student body in the 1980’s.  Shoemaker center (Now Fifth Third Arena) opened its doors in 1989 and was designed as a multipurpose facility for athletics and recreation. The department of Campus Recreation operated facilities and programs in three buildings (Armory Field House, Laurence Hall, and the Shoemaker Center) that provided free weight areas, cardiovascular equipment, multi-purpose rooms, an indoor track, and three basketball courts. These facilities were used until the new Campus Recreation Center opened in February 2006.

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