Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation

Pilates & Core


Pilates and core exercises are integral to a complete fitness plan as they help the body to:

  • Connect the breath and the mind
  • Build abdominal strength
  • Build long, lean muscles through eccentric and isometric exercise
Our Pilates and core classes are truly amendable to any fitness level.

We hope you enjoy class!

Name Description Length Capacity
Pilates Bootcamp
A new dynamic and upbeat version of Pilates this class will take tradition pilates moves and add popular weight training moves for an intense bootcamp style workout.  45 min Up to 45
This class is aimed at, you guessed it, your core, and will help to develop and strengthen the deep and superficial stabilizer muscles within your core.
45 min Up to 45
Core Blast Take 30 minutes out of your day to focus on your core muscles and boost your energy for the rest of your day.  This class will be able to help improve your posture which will help you think more clearly during classes! Yay! 30 min Up to 45
Pilates Strength & Burn This class will focus on strength and endurance of the core musculature, with longer sets and more reps.  You'll definitely feel the burn after this class as you'll be targeting each and every muscle of the core. 45 min Up to 45
PiYo™ A fast paced class that combines the core strengthening of Pilates with the muscle lengthening and balance of yoga.  Set to upbeat music, come ready to work and move! 45 min Up to 45