Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation


Program Eligibility

Who is eligible for the program?

  • Any benefits-eligible University of Cincinnati employee.

What about my spouse/domestic partner and/or legal dependents?

  • Spouse/domestic partner and legal dependent memberships can be added to your membership but only the primary UC Employee membership is eligible for the reimbursement.

What if both my spouse and I are UC Employees?

  • The only way an individual can be recognized as eligible to receive a reimbursement is if they are signed up as a UC Employee Member.  Therefore, each of you must be signed up separately as UC Employee members in order for both to receive reimbursement.

Payment for Membership

Do I have to pay through payroll deduction?

  • No. You can pay your membership dues by any of our accepted methods of payment.  This includes paid in full and the monthly options of payroll deduction, credit card or EFT draft.

What is the process if I pay in full for my membership?

  • We accept paid-in-full memberships via credit card, check or cash, but all reimbursements will be processed monthly in your paycheck, as this is a university-sponsored pilot program. This includes short term and annual memberships.

Reimbursement Process

Can I swipe in multiple times per day?

  • You are welcome to come in multiple times per day, but only one swipe per day will count towards your monthly total of at least eight (8) days.

Can I check how many visits I have each month?

Can I workout at both facilities?

  • Yes, you can check-in at both the Campus Recreation Center and Fitness Center at CARE/Crawley – keep in mind only one swipe per day counts for the program!

When and where will I see my reimbursement?

  • No matter how you pay for your membership, all reimbursements will be processed through your paycheck.  See the table below for how it works:

Employee paid:

8 days worked out in month of:

Visits tabulated and sent:

Paycheck Reimbursement:



March 1

March 31



March 1

Last March paycheck

Do I get reimbursed for my first month if I join in the middle of the month?

  • Reimbursement for the first month of membership is pro-rated based on how much you paid for that month. You will still be required to get an assessment and to check in and workout 8 different days of that month in order to see a reimbursement.

Is the reimbursement taxed?

  • The reimbursement is considered a taxable benefit. The membership reimbursement ($26.66 per applicable month) provided by the university constitutes taxable income, and will be subject to federal, state and local taxes applicable in each employee’s situation.

Can I receive a reimbursement for working out at another gym?

  • This is a pilot program designed to explore opportunities for university employees to improve their health.  It is currently only offered through Campus Recreation.

Do I have to fill out any specific paperwork to receive the reimbursement?

  • There are only two pieces of documentation that must be completed to start receiving reimbursement:
        • Membership Application
        • Assessment Form
  • A follow-up assessment will also need to be completed after 6 months of membership in order to continue receiving reimbursement
sample paycheck


Why do I need to get an assessment?

  • The goal of this program is to improve the health of UC employees through increased physical fitness. The university benefits department is making a significant investment in this program and therefore would like to review results in order to ensure participation in the program produces improvement in the overall health of university employees. With this in mind, the benefits department will also be looking for reductions in the number of sick days used and medical claims.

How will assessment information be used?

  • Campus Recreation staff will be collecting and hosting the data. The information will be presented collectively, not individually, to HR.

What happens if I don’t get an assessment?

  • Individuals who do not get the required assessments will not receive reimbursement.

What information will be collected?

  • Information collected during the health assessment will include: birth date, gender, exercise frequency, smoking status, height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, body fat percentage and BMI.  This information will be collected by Campus Recreation Staff and stored within the member management software.

Is the Rec Rewards Assessment the same as the Be Well UC Assessment?

  • No, the Rec Rewards Assessment is different from the Be Well UC Assessment. The Be Well UC assessment cannot be used for Rec Rewards.

Membership Cancellation/Freeze

If I don’t get my follow-up assessment, will my membership be cancelled?

  • Your membership will continue even if you do not get the follow-up assessment.

If I don’t workout 8 days/month, will my membership automatically cancel?

  • Memberships are not cancelled due to non-usage.  A one-year contract is in effect and membership can be cancelled after one year by submitting a cancellation form.

How do I cancel my membership?

What if I am away for an extended period and will not be able to workout at a Campus Recreation facility?