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Member Shoutout

Campus Recreation wants to recognize you and all of your accomplishments! We know that we have members who are defying the odds, going above and beyond, and taking that extra step to live a healthy life-style. We are so thankful for each and every one of you, and now we want to share your story! Tell us all about everything from reaching your weight loss goal, to running your first (or 6th) marathon, or just finally beating that dude you are always playing against on the basketball court. We will be having a member spotlight each month, where we are going to be sharing your stories.

If you would like to share your story, please submit it along with your contact information here!




Joe Harrell

Joe is the assistant Vice President  of Finance Utilities Services here as the University of Cincinnati. He is one of the friendliest members of the UC Campus Recreation Center. He has been a member for over seven years and still continues to come on a daily basis. In the past, Joe has participated in instructional and fitness programs. His positive energy and kindness is admired by many at the Rec center. He ALWAYS helps the UC Campus Recreation Staff have a better day!


Deb Weinstein

Deborah is the Director of Business Affairs at the University of Cincinnati. She has been a member of the Rec Center for seven years. She is polite and well known to the Rec Center staff. Deborah always brings a smile to our faces! Her dedication to live a healthy lifestyle is an inspiration to others. We hope she continues to be a member for many more years.


Sandra Rivers

One of the reasons we love seeing Sandra is because we can always guarantee that she’ll leave us with smiles on our faces! Her cheerful and at times humorous conversations with our staff only help to make her more personable and enjoyable to be around. Sandra has been a member for over 7 years and all the while has kept things fresh by enrolling in specialty classes to keep her workouts interesting. She does personal training sessions to help perfect her workouts to the full extent! We love seeing her positivity and motivation each day…it’s contagious.


Ty Helm

Ty has been a member of the Campus Recreation Center for almost six months now and already is a favorite among staff! He comes in bright and early every morning to work out before the long day ahead of him. Occasionally, he’ll even end his workouts with a relaxing massage! We absolutely love that he takes full advantage of what we have to offer here at the rec, and does so with a friendly and motivated attitude!

Jay Williams

Jay rrecently took a TRX class with our staff member Kelly Hayhow. Everyone who knows him well says how nice and enthusiastic he is! He is a full-time marketing student and has a great dedication to fitness. All the staff enjoys his upbeat personality and attitude. Thank you for your commitment Jay!

Ricky Kimbrel

Ricky has been a member for seven years and still continues to  come to the UC Campus Recreation Center on a regular basis. His smile and positive attitude brightens everyone s day at the member services desk! Ricky is extremely polite and friendly to all of the staff at the Recreation center and takes time to get to know them. Ricky is one of our favorite members! We love seeing him come through the doors to get a good workout in!

Lydie Loth

Lydie is a Doctoral Student in the College of Criminal Justice here at UC. She is one of our most dedicated and consistent members. She is known coming into the main campus center daily. She is always super friendly and many of the staff recognizes her right as she’s walking up. She was nominated based on her approachable personality and her dedication to fitness. Keep it up Lydie! J

Ray Akers

Ray is one of the friendliest members at the Campus Rec! He loves stopping by in the afternoons to work out and get to know our staff. We can always count on him to keep us entertained us by telling us stories from his past, and he always compliments our customer service too which we love! Ray’s only been a member with us for 4 months, but we hope to see his smiling face for many more to come!

Charles Matthews

Dr. Charles Matthews has been an outstanding member of the Campus Recreation Center for the past 6 years. He has shown us that he is a man of true character and dedication. Recently Dr. Matthews was recognized and rewarded for his incredible dedication to SCORE here at the University of Cincinnati. SCORE is the volunteer arm of the small business administration, with a competition held each year that encourages students and faculty to collaborate in creating a business plan for local businesses. Dr. Matthews has been associated with SCORE for 30 years. Students who compete will now be awarded the Dr. Charles H. Matthews Best Field Case Award. Congrats Dr. Matthews this recognition is well deserved and we are honored to have Dr. Matthews as our member!

Ken Payne

Ken Payne is showing us that our bodies can do more than we think they can. As shown in the picture below Ken has trained and is now able to do a plank with his legs extended in the air at an angle of more than 40 degrees. Quite impressive if you ask us!! Ken is a great inspiration to us all to keep working to achieve our goals!

Michael Brautigam

Michael Brautigam has been a faithful member here at the rec center for over 6 years. Greeting our staff members with a bright smile on his face each morning as he walks through the doors, generally being the first face they see each day. He has even been working out through injury as he just recently had surgery. Michael is a shining example of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle no matter what the circumstance. We love having Michael as a member! Continue your positive outlook on life Michael, we salute you.

Marc Loy

We pride ourselves on always having Marc’s towel ready for him as he walks through the door. Marc makes doing our daily job more fun and exciting because we know how appreciative he will be when we hand him that fresh towel in the morning. Marc is a member we all know and love, for all these reasons and more. Marc has been a member of our faculty for 6+ years. Dedicated to his fitness, Marc comes in just about every morning and greets our opening staff with his pop of a personality. Marc takes the time to learn the staff’s names, stating “you all know my name; it is only fair that I learn yours.” This is just one small example of the kindness and positive energy that Marc exudes every day.

Michael Southern

The member most likely to brighten all of our days is easily awarded to Michael Southern. Whenever we see him walking in full gym bag and suit in hand we immediately can’t help but smile. He always greets us with a warm remark, and genuine conversation. Doing amazing work in disability services for the University of Cincinnati, Michael Southern is caring, driven, and hard working. A man of high energy, positive spirits and constantly a smile, Michael Southern is a member we all wish to see each day when we are working.

Jerry Cummings

One of our most beloved members by all of the staff, Jerry, is an inspiration to us all. Reaching 81 years this May, Jerry comes into the recreation center each morning at precisely 6am. Leading others by example is something that Jerry does every day while at the rec. By working hard at bettering himself, he in turn enables others to work harder to better themselves as well. This inspiring and work hard attitude is a quality that we have to be natural in Jerry and it is why we all love him.

Chris Laber

Christopher is a graduate of UC. He comes into the Recreation  Center looking very professional and always has a smile on his face. Christopher has been a dedicated member since he was a student here and is well known by the staff. We appreciate his support of the University Recreation Center!

John Hautz

John is well known for running outside just about every day. He is always upbeat and friendly when he comes in, and is genuinely interested in how everyone is doing AT THE Member Services desk. He has been a long time member of the facility since it was establish in 2006. He is also a UC employee. Thank you for everything Jon!

Lisa Young

Lisa is one of our favorite members at Campus Recreation! She’s always super nice and cheery every time she comes in! Hardly do we ever see her without a smile on her face. She’s a student here at UC and has been consistently using the Rec for almost 2 years now! Lisa frequently books massages with us which makes her well known among our staff. We absolutely love having her as a member!

Brian Greathouse

Brian Greathouse is currently a medical student here at the University of Cincinnati. Besides studying hard to be able to help save lives, in his free time Brian is active in the Big Brother program where he hangs out and helps to impact the life of his “little brother” Galevon, for the better. Brain and Galevon spend time at the recreation center where Brian teaches him how to play basketball. Galevon is especially looking forward to climbing at our rock wall soon. Brian is a stunning example that being a positive role model to others can positively change their lives. Making time for medical school and helping others is something admirable and very deserving of recognition!

Bruce Ault

Bruce Ault has been a member of our facility for 6 years. While we have been helping him to stay in shape and live an active lifestyle, he has been making strides in the world of science. He is currently doing work to develop ways to direct the course of a chemical reaction. He has received a number of honors from the university and most recently he was elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. This is an outstanding achievement and we are so pleased to have Bruce as a member! Congratulations!

Pamela Rosfeld & Barbara Macke

Pamela Rosfeld and Barbara Macke are two of our most beloved members at our facility. Every time they enter the gym they are always in high spirits spreading joy to all staff and members they encounter. They have taken advantage of all the awesome benefits at the rec such as our group fit classes, personal training and much more, spreading their love of an active lifestyle. They even bring us fun treats for those working the early Saturday morning shift!


You may only see Dean if you are out and about campus each morning around 5am. Dean greets our staff each morning at open after having begun his workout. Every day on our way to work we see Dean running through campus, even during these cold months. If that is not dedication and inspiring, we are not sure what is. Dean is kind, hardworking, and motivated; these are qualities that we here at the Campus Recreation Center all strive to possess. Being a busy man, Dean always makes time for his workout. A lot of us find it difficult to find time to make it to the gym, but Dean makes the time, it just happened to be before the sun rises. He is an inspiration to us all that no matter how busy you are, your health and fitness are important.

Richard Gass

Currently a member of the UC faculty as a Research Professional, Assistant Adjunct Professor and Undergraduate Director for the physics department, Richard Gass is dedicated to a lot more than just his work. Primarily this dedication that we see every day is to running. No matter what the weather, even when it is absolutely freezing outside, Richard Gass remains dedicated to his physical fitness, dedication, hard work, and a great life balance not to mention his immediate friendliness and kind personality make him one of the many member we love and adore!

Zofia Brautigam

Zofia proves to be one of our most loyal members month in and month out! Always asking questions to Fitness Floor Coordinators and offering suggestions to Member Services, she has the dedication to health and happiness that all of us here at the Rec admire! Zofia takes optimum advantage of her membership. One moment she may be on the fitness floor but the nest she is partaking in a Group Fitness class. After a hard work out, Zofia occasionally rewards herself with a massage from one of our fantastic massage therapists to get her prepped for a new day. Her positivity is contagious! She has been a member since 2007, so it’s safe to say she has spread plenty of that around. It is good to see something never change!


Troy's Story

  • Troy Elsen, a 21-year-old UC student majoring in information technology, decided at the end of June that he was going to make a change to his lifestyle. He started small, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and slowly cutting out the snacks and pop from his diet.  From there, Troy got into basketball. Having a fun activity to do at least 3 times a week kept him moving and motivated. After losing a lot of weight in the beginning, Troy hit a wall, but instead of getting discouraged he found more ways to make healthy life choices. He researched fast food restaurant information to be able to make the better choice even when eating out. Troy made a conscious decision to change his lifestyle for the long term. He was realistic of his goals and expectations of himself. To this day, Troy has lost 43 lbs. He has more energy and worries less about potential health risks. Troy was able to find activities that he found to be fun to keep him engaged in his workouts. He even says that now he feels like he CRAVES working out. Troy inspires us all to get in/stay in the gym and make the right choices to stay healthy :)
  • What is one thing that you suggest to stick with your goals?
    Find something that you enjoy and are going to want to do for me it was basketball with my friends.
  • What do you suggest for starting a change in your eating habits?
    RESEARCH. I did lots of research to find out what food was okay to keep in my diet and what foods I needed to slowly cut out.
  • Biggest piece of advice you would give to someone?
    Be realistic with your goals and changes in diet. Know that progress will happen fast at first and then slow down but you have to keep with it and you will continue to see results.