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Weekly Themes

Unless otherwise noted below, registration fees are:

  • $170 per week, per child (Campus Recreation members)
  • $200 per week, per child (Non-members)
  • Additional siblings enrolled in the same week receive a 10% discount on camp registration fees.  This fee applies to siblings only, not family relatives (i.e. cousins).  For example, two brothers enrolled in the same week = 1st brother at base rate, 2nd brother at 10% discount.
Summer Camp 2016 Themes
Week 1: Game Show Blitz (June 6 - 10)

Come on down…your camper is the next contestant on R.E.C. Kids Game Show Blitz week!  Every day is a new game show with different challenges or tasks.  Be sure to be in the audience for our Super Friday game where campers win real prizes!

Week 2: R.E.C. Kids Idol (June 13 - 17)

Every year, we are impressed by how talented our campers are.  This week puts their abilities all on display in our annual talent show.  Singing, dancing, magic, art, and cooking skills are just a few of the amazing acts you will see.

Week 3: Summer Celebrations (June 20 - 24)

Join us this week, as each day is a separate celebration of something amazing!  Days will include Earth day, Campus Recreation’s 10th birthday party, and New Year’s Day along with two surprise days. 

Week 4: Knowledgarium (June 27 - July 1)

This week is all about flexing our mental muscles, as we prepare for Friday’s annual field trip to the Cincinnati Museum Center.  Each day includes an awesome activity that will test our campers’ creativity, innovation, logic, and problem solving.  Also featured this week is the 2nd annual R.E.C. Kids spelling bee where each group’s winner will take home the coveted Spelling Bee Champion medal! 

Week 5: Lip Sync Legends (July 5 - 8)

(NO CAMP JULY 4 - This week = $136 members/per child, $160 non-members/per child)
Join the craze sweeping the nation as campers and counselors compete in our first ever lip sync competition!  Interested campers and counselors will be given plenty of time to prepare for Friday's amazing performances.

Week 6: Camp Carnival (July 11 - 15)

The quest for tickets is on!  Campers will play a major role in carnival setup, decorations, and even creating carnival games.  Friday's indoor carnival will feature games, challenges, food, and a rewards redemption room where campers can cash in their hard earned tickets.

Week 7: Super Soakin' (July 18 - 22)

What better way to spend the middle of July than with water activities all week long?  This week features  water games and activities as well as new pool games and water challenges to keep everyone cool and hydrated!

Week 8: All About Art (July 25 - 29)

Amazing art is the focus this week, as each group will receive a week-long special art project.  Join us on Friday as we unveil our R.E.C. Kids Art Gallery and award ribbons to those best in show.

Week 9: The 2016 R.E.C. Kids Olympics (August 1 - 5)

We may be a little over 5,000 miles from the site of this year’s summer Olympics, Rio De Janiero, but the Olympic spirit takes center stage during this week.  Campers will be divided into four countries and compete in various sports and activities while learning about different cultures and sportsmanship.  Which country will stand atop the podium?  Stay tuned to find out.

Week 10: Campers Take Over (August 8 - 12)

This popular week puts campers in the driver’s seat.  Monday’s campers’ choice ballot will decide the schedule for each group for the entire week!  Campers will celebrate the end of the summer participating in their favorite activities from the past nine weeks.