Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation

Extreme Swim Challenge

Swim to America's Best Beach!


Trip Advisor's Best Beach in the United States for 2013 is Ka'anapali Beach, Lahain, Hawaii!  The distance from the Campus Rec Center to that location is 4,382 miles.

Beginner: 25 yards = 21.91 miles
(200 lengths of the lap pool)

Intermedate:  25 yards = 8.76 miles
(500 lengths of the lap pool)

Advanced:  25 yards = 4.38 miles
(1,000 lengths of the lap pool)


Members can enter for $10.  Swimming must be completed January 6th through April 18th.  Sign up at the Rec Center's Member Services desk or call 513-556-0604.  

For your laps to count, you must record them immediately on the tally sheets outside the lifeguard office.  All swimming, kicking, and aqua jogging will count.  Laps completed during programmed activities like swim team practice or education classes DO NOT count.  

If you have any questions call 513-556-0671 or email Robert Weeks

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