Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation



What’s the water temperature of the pool?

    Lap Pool is 78 degrees
    Leisure Pool is 84 degrees
    Whirlpool is 104 degrees

Why is it so hot outside the pool?

There are several reasons the air temperature needs to be kept two degrees warmer than the water.  The most obvious is the comfort of the swimmer.  If the air is the same temperature as the water or lower, when swimmers get out it will feel even colder!

So, the air temperature outside of each pool is:

    Lap pool:  80 degrees
    Leisure pool:  86 degrees

How many gallons of water does it take to fill the pool?
    Lap Pool holds 757,692 gallons
    Leisure Pool holds 74,159 gallons
    Whirlpool holds 3,229 gallons

How many lengths of the pool (25 yard – short course) is a mile?