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Want to get paid to watch sports?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I officiate sports and play intramurals at the same time?
Of course!  Just make sure you know when you play, so that you are not scheduled to work at the same time.

What is the time commitment to become an official?
There is no minimum hour requirement.  However, most officials work between 5-15 hours a week.

What days and times are shifts?
Shifts run from Sundays to Thursdays.  Sundays run anywhere from 11:30am to midnight.  Weekdays run from 7pm to 11pm or midnight, depending on the sport.

Is prior experience required?
Nope.  Though we ask that you be knowledgeable about a sport prior to coming in, no officiating experience is necessary!  We will give you all the tools and training you need to succeed.

What are some other benefits to officiating?
- Work on campus
- Student bonus program
- Fun atmosphere, great staff
- Opportunity to officiate multiple sports
- First to know about outside/community officiating opportunities
- Flexible schedules

How to Become an Official

1. E-mail the intramural sports department with your resume.

*Applicants must be current students and be able to attend all training sessions.

This position is currently open and accepting applicants.


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