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UC Intramural Sports has partnered with, a user-friendly website that allows captains to take their teams to the next level.  Though the main feature of this site is intramural scheduling, captains and users can utilize the site for much more.

Click here to visit UC Intramural Sports on IMLeagues

Captains can use IMLeagues to:

  • Add players to their rosters.
  • Contact and/or add free agents from the free agent pool.
  • Customize their team page (team name, team color, page colors, logo, photos, etc.).
  • Send out messages to team members using the discussion board.
  • Create time preferences for individual weeks for their team.

Team members can use IMLeagues to:

  • View their individual, personalized intramural schedule for all sports across the entire season.
  • View individual sports stats such as wins/losses, game performance, and trophies across all sports.
  • Join a league as a free agent.
  • Join a team and/or accept invites to join teams.
  • Message team members or other individuals.

Basic IM League Instructions...How do I...

...Create a profile?
...Create a team?
...Join as a free agent.
...Join a team?

How to Create a Profile:

  1. Vist the link to IMLeagues (above).
  2. Click on "Create Account" or "Log in with Facebook" in the top right corner.
  3. Fill out the required information.
  4. Open your e-mail and confirm your registration.

How to Create a Team:

*Please note that you must pay the registration fee at the CRC prior to registering a team on IMLeagues.  Teams added online prior to payment will not have a spot guaranteed.

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the "University of Cincinnati" tab in the gray toolbar.
  3. Scroll down and click on the league that you have paid for (i.e. Men's A Flag Football, Coed Soccer).
  4. Click on the division (day & time) that you have signed up for (i.e. Wednesdays 7p-12a).
  5. Click on the "Create Team" button in the middle of the page.
  6. Fill out all required information.

How to Join as a Free Agent:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the "University of Cincinnati" tab in the gray toolbar.
  3. Click on the league of the sport you would like to become a free agent in (i.e. Men's B Basketball, Coed Softball).
  4. Click on the "Join as Free Agent" button in the middle of the page.
  5. Follow the instructions and click "Submit" at the end.

How to Join a Team:

  1. Login to, then...
If you know the TEAM NAME... Search for the team name in the search bar in the top right corner of the page.  Click on the team in the search bar.
If you do not know the team name, but know a PLAYER or TEAM CAPTAIN... Search for the player name in the top right corner of the page.  Pick the team you are looking for, from the teams that he or she is enrolled in.
If you do not know anyone on the team, but know the LEAGUE and DIVISION... Click on the "University of Cincinnati" tab in the gray toolbar.  Then, click on the league, then division and click on the team.

2. Once you have found the team you are looking for, you may request to join the team.  Depending on how the captain set up the team, you may automatically be accepted, or have to wait for approval.