Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation

Nutrition Classes

Join our HEALTHYLICIOUS Weight Management Class!

Eating healthy can be delicious and simple!

Taught by a Registered Nutritionist, the class will cover the following:

  • Week 1: Get Over It
    • Identifying “the wall”, then climbing over it
    • Barriers, excuses, and bad habits…OH MY!
    • How's your Nutrition I.Q.?
    • Initial assessments/measurements

  • Week 2: Cut the Crap
    • Rid yourself of processed foods, unhealthy routines and unnecessary vitamins and supplements
    • Tips on how to clean up your nutrition act and clean out your body

  • Week 3: Plan for Success
    • Weekly Menu planning 101
    • Healthy grab and go foods
    • Snack options at work - setting up for success
  • Week 4: Healthylicious Shopping 101
    • Fill your cart and tighten your belt
    • Shop healthy on any budget
    • How to navigate the grocery store for success
    • Read between the lines of marketing gimmicks and food labels

  • Week 5: What's Fitness Got To Do, Got To Do With It?
    • How to make fitness a part of your day, your week...your life
    • The impact of consuming too many calories
    • Does metabolism matter?

  • Week 6: Celebrate Health!
    • Final assessments/measurements - YAY!
    • What's next?
    • How do I continue life-long health?
  • Healthylicious Dates Coming Soon!

Call 513-556-0604 for registration dates.
Class must meet a minimum of 5 participants. Refunds will be given if minimum is not met.

  • Members: $50
  • Non-members: $65