Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation

Relaxation Treatments are not just a luxury...

Relaxation Treatments, including massage and reiki, are an excellent compliment to anyone's fitness plan as it can help to restore full body functioning and wellness.

Many of your friends and colleagues have taken advantage of our services.

Please visit our pages explaining our pricing, how to book, what to expect, our availability and the descriptions of our services. 

You can also meet our staff - we hope to meet you soon!

If you are ready to book now - please stop by or call our Member Services desk (513-556-0604) - our staff are ready to assist you.

All new clients and clients returning after 1 year must complete the informational packet and waiver (see link), which will be reviewed with your therapist/practitioner at the beginning of your appointment.

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For more information, contact the Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness at 513-556-0269.