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Reiki Description

Reiki is a vibrational healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system. Reiki does not involve physical manipulation or the ingestion or application of any substances, but works with the subtle vibrational field thought to surround and penetrate the body. (Reiki is commonly translated from the Japanese as universal life energy.)

Reiki treatment is usually facilitated by light, non-manipulative touch to a clothed recipient. You can get Reiki treatments from a professional or a friend who has been trained, or you can learn to give yourself Reiki-treatment as a daily wellness practice.

Reiki was originally developed as a practice for self care, and students were encouraged to give treatment to and receive treatment from others. The practice can be easily learned by anyone who is interested, regardless of age (children through seniors) or condition of health.

Some people practice or receive Reiki to strengthen their wellness; others use it to help cope with symptoms, such as pain or fatigue, or to support their medical care, even in the case of chronic illness or at the end-of-life.

Potential Benefits of Reiki:

  • Improvements to physical, mental and emotional health 
  • Aids stress relief
  • Promotes sleep
  • Creates a balance
  • Reinforces other therapies

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