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Where Bearcats Thrive

Bearcat in it's natural habitat, the canopy.

Bearcats (binturongs) live in the tropical and sub-tropical forests of South and Southeast Asia. Clever, agile and resourceful, they thrive under the thick tree cover of the forest canopy.

In UC’s Canopy, Bearcats also thrive.

Canopy is UC's innovative, collaborative and student-centric eLearning ecosystem, bringing together the tools and resources that make up eLearning at UC.

It's an eLearning Ecosystem and You are Part of It

Each member of the UC community is also a key component of Canopy. Students, faculty, staff and researchers each serve a unique purpose, but together, they utilize the eLearning tools and technologies available to achieve the same ultimate goal: to transform UC into a university that excels at eLearning.

Stay Informed

Check back here for more information as Canopy continues to evolve!

You can stay updated on the latest Canopy news by following our Twitter feed, @UCCanopy! Updated announcements and information about Canopy's components are posted throughout the site.

Have more questions? Contact the UCIT Help Desk via email at or phone at (513) 556-HELP (4357). For nationwide, long distance calls, call toll free at 1-866-397-3382.

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