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Echo360 - Pilot

About the Pilot

Since 2009, UC has used Apple’s Podcast Producer system for lecture capture. Podcast Producer is currently installed in over 80 classrooms across campus (there are also other lecture capture systems on campus - Mediasite, Panopto, etc.). However, Apple has discontinued Podcast Producer.

In preparation for this, a task force of faculty members, IT professionals and administrators was formed in 2012 to evaluate the market and make a recommendation on a new lecture capture system. The task force identified a system that could replace Podcast Producer and serve as the standardized lecture capture system for the entire university community. Echo360 emerged as the recommended system based on cost, features, Blackboard integration and potential impact on learning. More recently, UC's eLearning Committee validated the work of the task force and made a formal recommendation to the IT Council that we move forward with a 12 month pilot to take place during the 2014-2015 academic year.

What is Echo360?

Echo360 is a streamlined lecture capture system that allows instructors to create and upload content – before or during class – and students to access it anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Who do I contact for more information?

There are approximately 150 faculty from across campus who are participating in the pilot. If you are teaching in one of the Echo360 classrooms or have questions about the pilot, we encourage you to reach out to the contact for your college.



Phone Number

A&S Yu-Chin Fu
CAHS Don Hodges 558-0431
CCM Jorin Edgerly 556-0188
CEAS Eugene Rutz 556-1096
CECH Brian Verkamp 556-2264
COM Birsen Kaya 558-0345
CON Steve McKinney 558-5205
DAAP Anton Harfmann 556-4933
LAW John Hopkins 556-0153
LCoB Mike Hittle 556-6446
Pharm John Lawson 558-7083
UCBA Dale Hofstetter 556-4345
UCCC Mel Sweet 732-5323
UCIT Jason Litmer 556-5259
UCIT Don Rainwater 556-9020
CET&L Melinda Rhodes 556-1270