Commission on Alcohol & Other Drug Education

The Commission on Alcohol and Other Drug Education (CAODE) was established in 1999 to:

  1. Survey the University to determine what alcohol-related activities and programs are currently occurring
  2. Make recommendations to improve current programs and activities
  3. Keep the campus informed about relevant programs
  4. Maintain an alcohol use and other drug abuse educational presence on the UC campus and in the greater UC community
  5. Report to the President of the University annually

Our Mission

The mission of the Commission on Alcohol and Other Drug Education (CAODE) is through its membership to develop opportunities to educate, raise awareness, and promote healthy choices regarding the use and abuse of substances in the university and surrounding communities through collaborative and individual educational programs, services and research.

Our Vision

The vision of the COADE is to be the university's primary source to coordinate prevention, education, research, and advocacy in order to eliminate misuse and abuse of substances within the university ans surrounding community.

The Commission on Alcohol and Other Drug Education is a member of:

Drug Free Action Alliance's Ohio College Initiative to Reduce High Risk Drinking


Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati (CDFGC).

Regan Johnson
Student Wellness Center, Director
 Daniel Cummins
Asst. Dean of Students/
Director University Judicial Affairs