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Welcome Employers

We hope you will be able to easily navigate our website, and this page is designed to help you find the information you need. If at any time you find that you are unable to locate any information, please feel free to contact us at (513) 556-3471 and we will do our best to help you.

Here is a list of some of the frequently asked questions from employers:

How do I post a job where students will be able to see it and apply?
Recruit A ‘Cat is where you can login or register to post your position. Take a look at our Recruit a 'Cat Employers Guide for further assistance with Recruit A ‘Cat Jobs.

Where can I get registration information on upcoming career fairs?
Career Fairs link will open a page which lists the different career fairs held throughout the year. All career fair registrations are completed on-line. A link to the career fair registration website is available under each event description.  Once you have completed the registration information for the career fair, you will receive written confirmation, and your name will automatically be added to the list of companies attending the fair.  For additional information about career fairs and the registration process, contact Robin Broadnax in our office at (513) 556-0308.

What do I need to do to come on campus outside of the career fair and interview students for a position I have posted with you?
Request this visit through Recruit a 'Cat.  Tell us when you'd like to be on campus, how many rooms you will need for interviewing, and which positions you will be interviewing for. All interviews will be held in our interview rooms. You will receive confirmation of your requested date through Recruit a 'Cat.  All notifications for both you and the students who sign up for the interviews will be managed through Recruit a 'Cat.  A significant number of employers have found that if they hold an "Employer Information Session" the night before the interviews they can fill in any blank interview slots from their students who attend. Information Nights are also managed through Recruit a 'Cat.  If you would like to discuss that possibility, please call our office at (513) 556-3471.  Someone will help you set up that opportunity.

We are thinking of trying to hire a student for a position we have open. Is there a way I can get some copies of student resumes to see if there are students who might be qualified?
Yes, there certainly is. On the Employer menu click on Recruit a 'Cat and register your company. There is no charge for registration. Once you have obtained a logon to Recruit a 'Cat , you can post your jobs or you can contact us at (513) 556-3471 and request UC student resumes be emailed to you.

I'd like to come on campus and give a talk in class to students taking my subject area. How do I set that up?
Call our office (513) 556-3471 and tell the receptionist what majors you are targeting, and he will connect you with the liaison for your major who will assist you in setting that up.

I'd like to provide some feedback to you on my experience on campus, how can I do that?
Click on the Employer Survey link and complete the feedback form. By the way, thanks!

Can you give me some idea of the salaries UC students expect once they graduate?
We think the federal government provides the most accurate source of wage information because it is based on data reported to the Social Security Administration by employers. You can look up salaries by occupation and location under Occupation Information at America's Career InfonetAlso click on Employer Resources to view the NACE Salary Survey information.