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Read this four stage online article to gain insight into the process of choosing a career path.



The career exploration process began long before you entered the University of Cincinnati. Remember those exciting field trips to manufacturers or visits by firefighters and dentists to your elementary school’s "Career Day?"  Those were all part of your career exploration and have influenced your decisions about your career path up to this
point. Of course, other factors, including parents, teachers, part-time jobs and the like, have made a difference in your decision also. The career exploration process takes TIME. It is not something to begin to seriously consider in the fall or worse, the spring semester of your last year at UC Those of you looking for something quick and painless should be forewarned that you will find guidance that is neither at this website. We encourage you to heed suggestions, follow links and let yourself take the time to do some true "exploring" into your career development.

Career development and exploration is a series of experiences or "steps" that allow you to become more educated and knowledgeable about yourself, your work values, skills and your career potential. Only a small part is the actual job search that everyone believes is "career development." Writing your resume and building interviewing skills are actually
parts of the final stages of career development. There are four primary "stages" to the career development process and they are sequential in order, meaning it is best to follow them as they are designed. You may now embark. . .

Stage 1: Inquiry and Awareness

Stage 2: Assessment and Exploration

Stage 3: Testing Career Decisions

Stage 4: The Job (or Graduate School) Search