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Course number   Instructor
CNSL3001   Theresa Aberle  (Section 001)
    Theresa Aberle  (Section 002)
     Robert Gray        (Section 003)
Credits   Semester
3 UG.   Fall 2012
Call number   Day/Time offered
  MWF,  10:10 - 11:05 am   (Section 001)
604489   MWF,  11:15 - 12:10 pm   (Section 002)
604493   MWF,  12:20 -  1:15 pm     (Section 003)


Course Description
An experiential course focused on assisting students in making the UC experience tie into their career goals. 
Explores values, interests, and skills in relation to personality assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type
Indicator, Career Decision Scale, and the Holland Typology.  Exposure to on-campus resources including
the Career Resources @ CDC, specific college department events, and career-related guest speakers. 
Individual consultations with instructor and the opportunity to network with other students and on-campus connections.

Take this course and you will... receive decision-making instruction and guidance

join other students who want to make their UC experience tie into their career goals

benefit from the knowledge and experience of a variety of career development and other professionals

earn 3 credit hours for taking a course that has a direct effect on your academic success and on your future career!


Testimonials from students who completed this course...

  • "Out of all the courses I've taken in the past four-and-a-half years this has been the best one."
  • "This was my favorite class at UC."
  • "Before this course I was lost and confused -- now I am on my way to a major in business administration.
     I have learned so many things from this class on a more professional level. This class was great for me!"
  • "The assessments really opened my eyes to my interests and values. I'm not headed the same way I was
     weeks ago -- now I know where I am going."
  • "What was once as broad as an ocean is now as precise as a puddle."
  • "This class really helped me discover myself and my goals."


For more information contact the Career Development Center at 556-3471.