The University of Cincinnati will close at 2:30PM Wednesday 3/4/15 due to the inclement weather.  Classes are canceled, and all offices -- with the exception of those noted in the UC emergency closing policy (University Rule 30-16-01) -- will be closed.  

Students at the Academic Health Center should follow their college’s inclement weather plan.

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A Major in Anthropology

Description of Major

This major educates students about the study of humankind in all of its material, physical and cultural dimensions.

For more information on studying Anthropology:  click here

Employment Opportunities 

Graduates are prepared for a wide range of positions in education, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.  A variety of jobs are available for anthropology graduates, including:

Anatomist Historian
Anthropologist Laboratory Technician
Archeologist Museum Consultant
Archivist Pathologist
Conservators of Artifacts Pharmacologist
Coroners Professor
Curator Psychical Anthropologist
Director of Research Research Associate
Environmental Specialist School Counselor
Ethnologist Teacher
Genealogist Zoologist