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A Major in Biomedical Engineering

Description of Major 

This major educates students about how to improve healthcare using the tools and principles learned from
engineering. The biomedical engineering program has two tracks: biomechanics and medical device innovation.
Biomechanics emphasizes the study of forces, motions, shape changes (deformations) and failure of biological
tissues and organ systems. Medical device innovation emphasizes the design and development of new medical
products and surgical instruments.

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Employment Opportunities 

Graduates are prepared for a wide range of positions in medicine, industry and research in healthcare and in the design, development and manufacturing of medical devices. A variety of jobs are available for biomedical engineering graduates,


Artificial Organs Design Engineer Bioinstrumentation Engineer
Biomaterials Engineer Biomechanics Engineer
Biomedical Engineer Researcher Cellular, Tissue and Genetic Engineer
Rehabilitation Engineer Medical Applications Engineer
Medical Imaging Engineer Medical Manufacturing Engineer
Medical Product Design Engineer Orthopedic Surgery Engineer
  Systems Physiology Engineer


Some positions listed may require education or training beyond an undergraduate degree. 

Graduates are also prepared to continue their education in professional degree programs such as in Medicine and Law.


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