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A Major in Chemical Engineering

Description of Major

This major educates students about the basic chemicals, petroleum, plastics, pharmaceuticals, paints, synthetic
fibers, processed foods, and biomedical and biochemical processes. Chemical engineers use their expertise in
chemical reactions and separations to solve environmental problems and produce new materials on a large scale.

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Employment Opportunities 

Graduates are prepared for a wide range of positions in industry, government, consulting, and research. A variety
of jobs are available for chemical engineering graduates, including:

Absorption & Adsorption Engineer Anatomist
Biochemist Biophysicist
Botanist Brewery Processing Supervisor
Chemical Design Engineer Chemical Engineer
Chemical Equipment Sales Chemical Research Engineer
Chemical Test Engineer Cytologist
Environmental Epidemiologist Facilities Design Engineer
Food Scientist/Technologist Geneticist
Histopathologist Microbiologist
Petroleum Engineer Pharmacologist
Physiologist Polymer Engineer
Public Health Microbiologist Toxicologist


Some positions listed may require education or training beyond an undergraduate degree.

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