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A Major In Chemistry

Description of Major

This major educates students about the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter found in living structures, geological formations, and human-created products.           

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Employment Information

Graduates are prepared for a wide range of positions in industry, medicine, education, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. A variety of jobs are available for chemistry graduates, including: 

Agricultural Scientist  Inorganic Chemist 
Agronomist  Metallurgist
Anesthesiologist  Mineralogist
Biochemist  Molecular Biologist 
Certified Hazardous Materials Manager Museum Curator/Educator
Chemical Engineer Mycologist
Chemical Information Specialist  Nematologist
Chemical Oceanographer  Nurse 
Chemical Technician Occupational Health & Safety Specialist 
Chemical Warfare Expert Optometrist 
Chemist Organic Chemist
Chemistry Technologist  Parasitologist
Clarifying Plant Operator  Patent Agent
Clinical Specialist  Petrologist
College Professor  Pharmaceutical Research Chemist 
County Health Department Inspector  Pharmaceutical Sales Representative 
Crime Lab Analyst  Pharmacist 
Cytotechnologist  Physician 
Dairy Scientist Plastics Engineer 
Dentist  Polymer Chemist
Educator Poultry Scientist
Electrochemist Product Development Manager 
Entomologist  Product Tester 
Environmental Chemist  Psychiatrist 
Environmental Engineer Quality Assurance Manager 
Environmental Compliance Officer  Quality Control Specialist 
Environmental Health Specialist  Radiation Health Specialist
Environmental Protection & Research Radiologist
Environmental Risk Assessor  Risk Manager 
EPA Inspector  Safety Inspector 
FDA Inspector  Science Editor 
Fiber Technologist Science Writer 
Fire Protection Engineer  Soil Scientist 
Food and Drug Analyst Systems Analyst
Forensic/Crime Lab Technician Technical Sales
Genetic Counselor  Technical Writer
Geochemist  Textile Dyes Analyst 
Hospital Administrator  Tissue Technologist 
Hydrogeologist  Toxicologist
Hydrologist  Veterinarian 
Industrial Health Engineer  Water Purification Chemist
Industrial Hygienist  Water Scientist
Industrial Quality Control Winery Chemist
  Yeast Culture Developer

Some positions listed may require education or training beyond an undergraduate degree. 

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