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A Major in Clinical Lab Sciences

Description of Major

This major educates students about participating in patient care by performing laboratory procedures that assist in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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Employment Opportunities 

Graduates are prepared for a wide range of positions in hospital laboratories, independent laboratories, clinics and physicians’ offices, research and development laboratories, public and government health agencies, and pharmaceutical companies. A variety of jobs are available for clinical laboratory studies graduates, including


Analytical Chemist Bacteriologist
Biochemist Blood Banking Technologist
Chemical Engineering Aide   Chemical Plant Supervisor
Chemical Safety Officer             Chemical Sales Representative
Chemical Technician      Chemist
Clinical Chemistry Technologist Clinical Pathologist
Crime Lab Analyst Cytotechnologist
Food and Drug Inspector Food Processing Specialist  
Hemotherapist Histologist
Industrial Health Engineer Instrument Specialist    
Materials Inspector Medical Laboratory Manager
Medical Librarian Medical Technologist
Microbiologist Parasitologist
Pharmaceutical Chemist Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Pharmacist            Physician
Product Chemist                       Product Manager
Professor              Public Health Specialist
Quality Control Specialist Radiation Safety Officer
Research Assistant Sanitation Inspector                   
Scientist Toxicologist
X-ray Technician