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A Major in Computer Science

Description of Major

This major educates students about computer software. Computer scientists study methods of representing, organizing, and manipulating information. They are concerned with ways to solve problems more efficiently and with ways to simulate human reasoning. Some of the important areas of computer science are the design of more powerful or more easily used computer languages, the design of more powerful compilers that translate programs written in computer languages into machine-executable code, the design of operating systems and the design of networks and methodologies for computing over multiple distributed machines.

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Employment Opportunities 

Graduates are prepared for a wide range of positions in business, industry, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. A variety of jobs are available for computer science graduates, including:

Air Traffic Controller Applications Programmer 
Artificial Intelligence Programmer Business Programmer 
CAD/CAM Designer             Computer Aided-Designer
Computer and Software Trainer  Computer Consultant           
Computer Engineer  Computer Engineering Analyst 
Computer Facilities Manager Computer Installation Specialist
Computer Programmer        Computer Scientist      
Computer Security Specialist  Computer Service Technician 
Computer Systems Manager Computer Test Specialist       
Cryptographer Data Reduction Analyst 
Database Analyst  Database Manager 
Demographer Document Specialist          
Efficiency Expert  Information Scientist
Information Systems Auditor  Media Center Manager 
MIS Manager Network Administrator
Network Programmer   Numerical Analyst
Operations Analyst  Professor
Quality Assurance Analyst  Rate Analyst
Robotics Programmer Satellite Communications Specialist
Software Development Specialist Software Engineer 
Software Support Specialist Special Effects (FX) Specialist
Specification Writer Statistician 
Systems Analyst  Systems Consultant 
Systems Engineer                Systems Manager
Systems Programmer    Technical Documentation Specialist 
Technical Support Representative Technical Writer