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A Major in Criminal Justice

Description of Major

This major educates students about criminal offending, situations and places that promote offending, and the criminal justice process.           

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Employment Opportunities 

Graduates are prepared for a wide range of positions in law enforcement, the courts, research, health care, education, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. A variety of jobs are available for criminal justice graduates, including:

Archivist  Attorney                                            
Bailiff Bodyguard                                      
Border Patrol Agent              Business Development Officer 
Child Support Agency Worker          CIA Officer
Community Service Coordinator      Compliance Manager                      
Congressional Aide  Consultant 
Contracts Administrator                    Coroner                                             
Corporate Security Officer Corrections Officer                          
Court Administrator                          Court Reporter                                 
Criminal Investigator                        Criminologist                                    
Customs Agent                               Deportation Officer
Deputy Marshal                                  Detective       
Drug Enforcement Agent                 Environmental Conservation Officer
FBI/CIA Agent Foreign Service Officer 
Jailer Juvenile Court Counselor               
Law Clerk Law Enforcement Officer 
Law Librarian Lawyer 
Legal Assistant  Litigation Manager                          
Lobbyist  Media Criminologist
Military Officer                                  Non-Profit Organization Advocate
Paralegal  Police Officer
Politician  Postal Service Investigator             
Pre-Trial Services Officer Private Investigator                         
Probation/Parole Officer  Secret Service Agent                   
Security Officer                       Security Specialist                       
Social Worker                                  Substance Abuse Counselor          
Surveillance Officer Terrorism Expert
U.S. Customs Agent                        U.S. Marshal                                     
Victim Services Specialist                Warden
Witness Protection Program Officer