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A Major in Health Education

Description of Major 

This major prepares students to help improve the health of individuals and communities. Students are required to specialize in athletic training, community health or exercise and fitness.           

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Employment Opportunities

 Graduates are prepared for a wide range of positions in public health departments, voluntary agencies, insurance companies, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and education. A variety of jobs are available for health promotions and education graduates, depending on which emphasis they complete. Some job titles are listed below:

Activities Supervisor                         Aerobics Instructor
Athletic Trainer Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist
Community Health Center Director Consumer Health Advocate
Coordinator of Rehabilitation Services Director of Volunteer Services 
Exercise Leader Emergency Medical Services Coordinator
Fitness Instructor Fitness Program Coordinator
Health Advocate  Health and Safety Officer
Health Club Manager Health Communications Specialist
Health Consultant Health Education Administrator
Health Education Office Manager Health Educator                             
Health Information Specialist Health Journalist
Health Policy Practitioner Health Promotion and Wellness Coordinator
Health Scientist    Nonprofit Organization Administrator 
Outreach Worker         Patient Advocate
Physician Assistant Professor
Public Health Statistician                Public Relations Specialist         
Research Assistant                          School Health Educator
Sports and Fitness Program Director Substance Abuse Educator
Teacher  Weight Management Specialist
Wellness Manager Youth Camp Director