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A Major in Horticulture

Description of Major

This major educates students about the growth, distribution and utilization of ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables.

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Employment Opportunities 

Graduates are prepared for a wide range of positions in commercial greenhouses, public and private parks and gardens. A variety of jobs are available for horticulture graduates, including:

Agricultural Advisor Agronomist
Aquaculture Technician Arborists
Biologist Botanical Technician
Botanist Certified Seed Grower
Conservation Scientist  Crop Production Advisor
Crop Scientist Ecologist
Entomologist Environmental Landscaper
Farm Manager   Farmer
Floral Designers Florist
Forester   Gardener
Golf Course Management  Greens Keeper
Grounds Maintenance Worker Groundskeeper
Habitat Restoration Specialist Horticultural Scientist
Horticultural Technician Horticulturist
Irrigation Specialist Landscape Architect
Landscape Contractor Landscape Gardener
Lawn Care Specialist Nursery Assistant
Nursery Manager Park Naturalist
Park Ranger Pest and Weed Controller
Plant Breeding Technician Plant Geneticist
Tree Service Technician Turf Grass Management
Urban and Regional Planner  


Some positions listed may require education or training beyond an undergraduate degree. 

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