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A Major in Information Systems

Description of Major 

This major educates students about the conception, analysis, design and development of effective computer-based information systems. The College of Business has focus concentrations instead of majors that are paired with one of eight integral areas.

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Employment Opportunities 

Graduates are prepared for a wide range of positions in business, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. A variety of jobs are available for information systems graduates, including:

Applications Development Manager Applications Programmer 
Archivist Artificial Intelligence Programmer
Business Programmer  Business Systems Analyst
Chief Information Officer  Chief Technology Officer
Communications Network Designer Computer Aided-Designer 
Computer Engineer Computer Programmer/Analyst
Computer Security Specialist  Computer Service Technician
Computer Support Analyst Computer Training Specialist
Computer Design Technician Computer Manufacturing Technician
Customer Support Coordinator Data Communications Manager
Data Reduction Analyst  Database Administrator
Database Analyst  Database Designer
Desktop Publisher Efficiency Expert 
Electronic Commerce Developer Human Resources Specialist
Information Broker Information Center Analyst
Institutional Researcher  Instructional Technology Designer
Internet Content Developer Internet Security Specialist
Inventory Controller  Knowledge Manager
LAN Administrator Logistics Manager
Market Researcher  Network Administrator
Operations Analyst  Production Manager
Project Manager Securities Trader 
Software Developer Software Engineer 
Statistician  Surveyor 
Systems Administrator Systems Analyst
Systems Consultant  Systems Manager
Systems Set-up Specialist Technical Analyst
Technical Support Specialist Technical Writer 
Technology Coordinator Telecommunications Technician
User Interface Specialist Web Analyst
Web Designer Web Information Officer