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A Major in Physics

Description of Major


This major educates students about the physical laws of nature; including matter, energy, forces, and their interaction in the world and the Universe.


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Employment Opportunities


Graduates are prepared for a wide range of positions in engineering, computer science, law, economics, medicine, business, and education. About half of UC physics majors attend graduate or professional school after completing their B.S. degrees; about half find employment in the private sector, at national laboratories, or in the military. The following list provides specific examples of the experiences of our recent graduates. For more ideas, for information on salaries, etc., check out the links below, especially the
Careers Using Physics” and “AIP Reports” links.

Accelerator Operator Graduate School in Oceanography
Air Force Pilot Graduate School in Physics
Banking High School Teacher
Computer Engineering Law School
Graduate School in Astronomy Medical School
Graduate School in Economics Naval Officer
Graduate School in Engineering Navy Pilot
Graduate School in Neuroscience Research Technician