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A Major in Secondary Education

Description of Major 

This major educates students on how to become effective Secondary Education teachers who are capable of delivering quality instruction in a variety of settings and to diverse student populations in grades 7-12. Students may choose from among the following licensure areas offered: Integrated Language Arts, Integrated Social Studies, Integrated Mathematics, Integrated Science, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, French (pre-K-12), Spanish (pre-K-12), German (pre-K-12) and Latin (7-12).

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Employment Opportunities 

Graduates are prepared for a wide range of positions in industry, medicine, education, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. A variety of jobs are available for secondary education graduates, including:

Assistant Principal  Athletic Coach
Athletic Director      Audiovisual Specialist                      
Author  Behavioral Psychologist
Camp Counselor  Camp Director
Career Counselor                             Child Advocate                     
Child Care Aide                                Child Life Specialist                        
Children's Activity Director              Communication Therapist              
Community Educator  Curriculum Specialist
Educational Consultant Educational Journalist                   
Educational Program Supervisor  Educational Researcher               
Educational Software Developer Educational Therapist 
Grant Writer                               Guidance Counselor
Librarian  Media Center Specialist         
Peace Corps Volunteer           Personnel Specialist 
Principal Psychologist
Public Health Educator                Public Relations Specialist
Reading Specialist                     School Board Member             
School Counselor  School Social Worker                 
Secondary Teacher  Special Education Teacher 
Speech Therapist State Education Official
Student Affairs Representative   Substance Abuse Specialist
Substitute Teacher  Superintendent                             
Teacher Aide Textbook Writer
Training Instructor                      Tutor