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Business Research Resources Using the UC Librarry

To get to the website:

1)     Go to

2)     Click on Current Students

3)     Click on Libraries

4)     Click on Subject Resources which is along the left-hand side

5)     Click on Business

6)     Click on Resources listed by Subject which is highlighted in red along the top

7)     Click on Companies (U.S)

8)     Click on Company Databases


D&B Million Dollar Database

§  Click on Web which is highlighted in red

§  Click on Domestic or International depending on  the type of company you interested in researching

§   Click on Company Tab

§   Type in a company name in the first blank box to get the company information about location, contact information, sales history, and employer information

§   Click on Industry Tab

§   Type in a keyword in the SIC Description Keyword blank box such as aerospace and find companies that pertain to or are related to aerospace

§   Type in the SIC code in the SIC Code Entry to figure out what types of companies perform similar tasks as the company you are researching



§   Click on web which is highlighted in red

§   Click on companies/markets that is along the green bar at the top

§   Type in the company name you are interested in researching in the blank box

§    Factiva provides information for company contact information, key competitors, and recent news articles about the company


Hoover’s Online

§   Click on web which is highlighted in red

§   Click on Company Name along the left-hand side

§   Type in a company name in the blank search box to  find information such as history of the company, employees of the company, and key competitors

§   Click on Industry Keyword

§   Type in an industry keyword in the blank search box to find companies associated with that field of interest