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Career Development Center

Resources and Hours

The Career Resources @ CDC is located next to the reception area in University Pavilion, 1st Floor. It has a wealth of written materials plus multimedia resources for students of all levels of career development, majors, and class standings. Kay Allen, our Career Rresource Specialist, and her graduate assistant are available for consultation and assistance. 

The library is open, during the academic year, Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. During Summer Quarter and breaks between quarters hours vary; call CDC at 556-3471 for the current schedule.

Career-Related Books and Other Materials 
The Career Resources @CDC has hundreds of books and other materials that can help you through career indecision and the job search. We have books, such as: What Color is Your Parachute, The Damn Good Resume Guide, The Internship Bible, and Career Opportunities in Broadcasting -- just to name a few. These books are available for you to access while in the Career Resources @ CDC. Please be sure to bring your student I.D.  Copies of the resources can be made for a nominal fee.

Job Vacancy Listings 
The Career Resources @ CDC has several job vacancy listings notebooks available.  These notebooks contain files of vacancy bulletins that we subscribe to and are updated frequently (i.e., Job Opportunities for Graduates, Environmental Career Opportunities, Current Jobs International, etc.), while others are a compilation of the letters, faxes and phone requests we receive for actual job openings in the Cincinnati and surrounding areas. These listings are from organizations that are looking for someone to fill a present need. In addition, we do have some vacancy listings from across the nation and the world. 

Graduate School Information 
Information on graduate school programs is available on the DISCOVER computerized self-assessment program. We also have several binders that detail different graduate programs at UC and other local colleges, as well as across the U.S. In addition, we have several books on graduate and professional school study (i.e. medical school, MBA, neuroscience, etc.) Use our resources in addition to those in Langsam Library and the ones you receive from the Division of Research and Advanced Studies.

Business periodicals and specialty magazines can help you keep abreast of breaking news about companies and career fields you are researching. We also have periodicals for special job seeking populations (i.e. The Chronicle of  Higher Education, Working Woman, etc.) We keep both current issues and past issues on file and available for students to read while in the Career Resources @CDC.