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Graduate School Search

Many students go back and forth on whether or not to attend graduate school.  Therefore, it is important to consult with faculty members and your CDC Career Advisor before making a final decision about whether to attend.

When choosing a graduate school you need to learn about the accreditation status of the program, faculty research interests, degree level, and program formats.  Explore opportunities offered by different types of programs and determine which features are most important to you.

A major part of the application process for graduate school revolves around standardized tests.  Therefore it is important to understand which test you need to prepare for and the potential impact your scores may have on being accepted into a graduate program.

The GRE is the common assessment for individuals hoping to pursue a graduate degree in humanities, social, physical, and biological sciences, the GMAT is a common requirement of those who wish to pursue a business degree, the LSAT is used to assess applicants to law school, and the MCAT is a common requirement for applicants to medical schools. There are other tests admissions committees use to help them assess the abilities of their applicants including GRE subject tests, and the TOFEL. 




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